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Vision Maps

Do you you need to tell your company's story?

Are you looking for an innovative, creative way to inspire, unite and engage your team?

Would you like an imaginative visual to present your organisation's strategy or core values to new recruits or clients?

Would your organisation benefit from an original, accessible way to keep your key drivers, aims and direction of travel visible and at the heart of daily work life?

I have experience of working with clients and organisations to bring their vision to quirky, artistic life.

I can work with you remotely from a simple strategy document or, more collaboratively, with the whole team, to present your values in visual form as a bespoke piece of art. Your artwork could incorporate a call to action, links or even QR codes for charity donations. It can be customised to represent your location, your mission, your team...anything that is important to you. As well as creating your original artwork I can arrange for your art to be digitised for presentations, screensavers and more.

To discuss how I could bring a little colour to your organisation, please contact me for a no obligation chat. References happily provided.

Greggs' 5 year strategy and vision and values represented in a fun "Pasty Map". This map was painted (unsolicited) for promotional purposes. 

This map was commissioned by the Priest in Charge at the Parish Church of St James in Northumberland as a means of bringing her church's vision statement to life.

To read the story of this commission as published in the Church Times, please click here. 

Here's what another client had to say...

"It can be difficult to engage employees around company strategy and vision given it’s often based on a written document or set of slides. It can be dry and uninspiring!

We wanted to do something more powerful and visual and so asked Hannah to develop a piece that reflected our overall journey towards making a billion people safer at work, but also reflected the many alternative routes we could take, and the fact that the journey would come with twists and turns.

She created a fantastic visual that also included our company values - underpinning the whole story. She patiently went through many iterations but was also confident enough to offer up her own ideas for improvement.

It was a very collaborative process and the picture has pride of place in our office, whilst different aspects of the digital version provide the cover to our board pack and team updates.

I’d definitely recommend Hannah to any business looking to bring their vision and strategy to visual and quirky life!" 

Duncan Davies, CEO, Notify Technology

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